We have ministries and fellowships designed to impact the entire family unit, the community and the local government by demonstrating God’s love and the authority of the believer. We are dedicated to serving you and your family and helping you reach your full potential for the Kingdom of God. Every ministry, auxiliary, fellowship and event here at ALCC is designed to help you draw even closer to God.

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Our LifeKidz Children’s Ministry provides a safe, comfortable atmosphere for children ages 6 weeks to 2 years while parents attend Sunday and Mid-week services. The Ambassadors of Faith Children’s Ministry also ministers to children ages 3-12 in a method of teaching that captures the attention of this age group.

Alive Teen Ministries is our Youth Ministry designed to meet the spiritual needs of youth ages 13-19. It encourages youth to develop a personal relationship with God and to transform their faith into appropriate attitudes and actions. Next Gen helps youth discover their unique spiritual gifts and how to witness and minister to their friends and family. Next Gen’s monthly midweek service is known as Real Rap Wednesday, which provide an opportunity for teens to come together to hear the teaching of the word of God for spiritual growth and to participate in wholesome fellowship and activities.

This Ministry is composed of the Praise & Worship team, Band and Children’s Ensemble who minister during worship services, special services and fellowships. This area of ministry exhorts the Body of Christ through the use music to usher the congregation into the presence of God.

Dance and Drama are areas of Ministry to minister during worship services, special services and fellowships to exhort the Body of Christ through the use of dance, drama skits, poetry and plays.

Men of Abundance

Men of Abundance is a fellowship where men have the opportunity to develop quality relationships amongst one another and also learn to apply the word of God to every area of their life. According to the word of God, the man is the head of the family, therefore to impact the family it is imperative that men be ministered to in distinctive and appropriate ways. This fellowship is an informal gathering where men can feel comfortable enough to express themselves. Men of Abundance fellowships give the opportunity for men to grow and mature in the word of God to be a blessing to their family, their community and the kingdom of God.

Women of Abundance

Women of Abundance ministry is a quarterly fellowship for women with the purpose of guiding women of God to walk abundantly in God’s love and purpose for their life and provides an opportunity for women to gain the knowledge of God’s word and to discover how to live abundantly in his word daily as a virtuous Woman of God. This ministry endeavors to minister to the needs of women in the body of Christ. We strive to proactively influence and minister to women yet to come to Christ, and to encourage, strengthen and challenge all women in their roles as friends, wives, mothers, prayer warriors and able ministers of the gospel.

OneLife Singles are the unmarried believers of any age focusing on completion and wholeness in Christ. This fellowship is designed where through organized fellowship meetings, specialized seminars, and small group gatherings, they engage in saint-to-saint ministry through teaching, outing and special events.

One Heart Marriage Ministry is our marriage ministry that meets monthly in a fellowship environment designed to teach biblical principles on marriage and application of those principles. During this time of fellowship, we also have team building exercises, games and scheduled outings to help keep the spark in marriage relationships.

LifeOutreach is the ministry that provides a point of contact to those with social service needs. Resource coordinators assist these individuals in acquiring resources such as food, clothing and shelter through financial counseling and aid.

NextUp Ministry purposes to gather millennials from ages 20 to 40 for corporate fellowship through social activities, projects and community service. This ministry sets out to edify and educate young saints on who God is, who God calls them to be in Christ, the significance of worshipping/praising God and making disciples. We’ll strive to encourage people of God in becoming faithful, focused, fruitful, and fulfilled with a concentration on the millennial generation.